Thursday, April 06, 2023

Puppy in the aisle: Labradoodle. Isn’t he a cutie!

Yesterday was super busy. It included a couple of trips to the dump with the result of lots of clean-up work. Because my neglected old trailer needed refurbishing, I visited Home Depot, and there bumped into Enrique, the Garden Center Manager. He’s also my manager, but he treated me as a customer. He guided me to the appropriate lumber for replacing the old boards in a trailer bed. He suggested that I not buy for in his home supply were two exact boards, which he didn’t need and intended to discard. He volunteered to donate them and I happily accepted.

He lives in a new neighborhood about thirty seconds from my home. As he loaded the boards, his wife, Crystal, drove up bringing their four-year-old daughter. I invited Enrique and Crystal to come and meet my equines; and to photograph their baby sitting on my donkey, Pimmy. It was so cool, Enrique’s kindness and meeting his family.

Today will extend both the property cleaning up and working on the trailer. That is if the weather holds up. I gather it’s to become rougher with rain tonight and lower temps tomorrow. Hopefully, before rain appears, my equines may spend most of today grazing on pasture.

Dear Friends: Today, too, I will take time out to relax for a while in my little new nook. Diana

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