New Photos

Friday, April 07, 2023

This header from my Pixel camera is the result of a very distant shot. It’s a fairly good capture of Ravens perched very high in a tall dead tree. They were attending to each other and might have been an adult with a juvenile or a courting couple. The pair stayed on those branches for quite a while and their interactions fascinated me.

Ravens are incredibly smart. I never tire of hearing and sighting them. Yesterday’s sighting was a nudge, reminding me to carry a better camera. If my phone could have captured more feather details, it would have created a super bird photo, IMHO.

This will be my last day off from work this week. Having done all my needed shopping and running around, today I will turn my attention to photography. Roaming with a tripod and fine camera will refresh my image-sensing skills.

Closer to the subjects, my Pixel captured well the equines happily grazing on a neighbor’s pasture.

Dear Friends: Have a great day. Diana

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