Saturday, April 08, 2023

I made a toy for my Cockatoo, Peaches. He is destructive, and buying finished toys is expensive. My bird begins destroying a toy from the moment it’s hung in his condo. He can dispatch in an instant. My pocketbook feels this, as parrot toys cost anywhere (more or less) from $30 to $50. So, Peaches will begin playing with homemade hanging toys.

After bringing home a long pine board and cutting it into various lengths, I drilled a large hole in the center of each piece for assembling and hanging. Then, I painted each with food coloring and when all were dry, assembled the toy.

All its components, including construction tools, were costly; however, what’s not wood is reusable. Creating this toy was quick and generated ideas for other designs.

Here’s an idea:

Of course, Peaches is my ultimate instructor. He’ll show me which designs best draw his attention, and wistfully, too, I may discover that some designs may take him longer to destroy.

Dear Friends: This has been a time-out for the bird. Diana

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