Bird & Bull

Sunday, April 08, 2023

Happy Easter, or in other words, happy spring. Well, almost here in Central Oregon. I know from experience that our spring is just around the corner, but could wait for mid-May to happen. I’ll take spring anytime it finally gets here.

Meanwhile, today’s header photo is one of my favorite memories with Peaches. Some time ago, we were walking and came across this beautiful short-horn bull. On seeing Peaches, he stood perfectly still, watching the bird. Peaches was intent on him, too. I was fascinated by the stillness of each and how intently they stared back and forth. The bull had seen many birds but surely none like Peaches. For Peaches, a bovine sighting was new, especially one staring at him.

Later, I learned that this bull had been hand-raised and was a gentle fellow. By the way, notice the white marks on the bull’s forehead. They are crossing, with each going from a horn to an eye. Those whites are natural and the only off-markings in his otherwise solid color. What a stunning guy.

Finally, at Home Depot, the Garden Department has received fresh, cool spring plants. I’m tempted to bring home fragrant lavender and thyme, but I self-caution. It’s too soon because more spring plants will arrive, and so will better gardening weather. My manager at work, Enrique, promises that in under two weeks, plants will inundate our department, making us crazy busy with customers.

Dear Friends: The “Bird & Bull” would be an excellent name for a pub. Diana

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