Monday, April 10, 2023

I spent much of yesterday watering plants. Watering has become my job and isn’t my preferred work. However, the pay is good, and so, all’s fair. My at-work job attunes me highly to the arriving spring. I have today off, and it’s a damp morning after a light rain, perfect for starting to weed and clean the property.

Usually, it’s well into summer before I pay attention to the grounds. Many other needs interrupt, like fences that need repairing, horses that need exercising, dogs that need outings, and vehicles that need attention. Thanks to my newly heightened awareness, now this property won’t be sidelined long. That makes sense, too, for confronting initial grounds needs early in the spring will make those appearing in midsummer easier to address.

It’s too early to plant anything but not to start turning some earth where plants later might go in. I’d enjoy seeing flowering plants near the barn. Today, my tasks will include finding an appropriate spot and turning some earth.

Dear Friends: Maybe my tasks related to watering plants will prove excellent experiences. Diana

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