Tuesday, April 11, 2023

One printed-out schedule shows me reporting to work today, and another printed days later has me off today. Good, because today I must stay home and try to find someone available and capable of repairing a broken fence.

I spent yesterday attempting to patch a fence section after my mare, Rosie, kicked it apart. Unfortunately, her kick left twisted and broken wires exactly where the horses mostly hang out. Broken wires can cause injuries. I always try making repairs myself, and yesterday did so; however, I can’t fix what I can’t outsmart, that instead requires sheer physical strength.

Always, fences and horses are an iffy and necessary combination. Over time and after facing many fencing issues, I’ve learned how to repair many horse-caused damages myself. A problem with keeping horses is that their restless energies stress structures and other property components.

Dear Friends: They’re the stuff of life, the daily surprises and problems. Diana

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