Friday, April 14, 2023

I feel a wave of relief after finding a primary care physician who could accept a new patient. Last year my primary care doctor retired, almost suddenly and with short notice. I searched unsuccessfully for a provider who could take on a new patient. Truthfully, I had requirements, preferring a female provider experienced in treating patients with histories of leukemia and breast cancer. Those are in my history and in remission.

While initially undergoing treatment for breast cancer and facing a mastectomy, I had concerns about living with only one breast. My male surgeon, while considerate, couldn’t put to rest my most fundamental issues. I searched for and found an experienced woman surgeon. She better satisfied my concerns over the pros and cons of my upcoming surgery. As it turned out, she needed to perform a lumpectomy.

That process made me prefer discussing certain women’s issues with another woman.

Long story short, this city’s explosive growth has pressured its medical community and overwhelmed the doctors. The providing communities can’t find enough available physicians to meet medical needs. Unable to find an available physician, my choice would be a nurse-practitioner, or a physician’s assistant. I’m uncomfortable about a PA but not am not with an experienced nurse-practitioner. However, the available P-A’s are only a couple of years beyond graduating from training.

I was about to start searching the Portland area for a physician. I couldn’t believe my luck, to discover an available M.D. who treats cancer patients in this community; and a woman, BTW.

Dear Friends: Luckily, my Medicare plan is a type that lets me self-refer for medical care. Diana

2 thoughts on “Celebrating

  1. So glad you found a suitable female doctor- sorry it was such a problem. Growing pains in Bend are very painful! I have a good male doctor but I am not at all comfortable with a man for female issues.


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