Fat Cat

Saturday, April 15, 2023

Here’s America’s most disliked day, our annual taxes-are-due date. It seems that forever I’ve been tuned to April 15. The obsession began after I completed high school and accepted my first paying work. Similarly, every working American becomes hostage to this date’s expectations.

My annual rant might be less angry if Americans could become more fairly taxed. This country needs a wholly revised and updated tax code. A new, well-written code capable of forcing fair payments from this nation’s wealthy and super-wealthy. Those with wealth have been getting off easy by escaping having to pay their actual shares of the nation’s tax burden.

Here’s one example. We’re now learning that Donald Trump has filed an income statement to The Court. News media analyzing Trump’s documents find he’s less wealthy than he proclaims. Of course, many Americans already think so and aren’t surprised by this news. What is surprising is that, finally, Trump has been forced to reveal something. For years, he’s escaped having to show details about his wealth and the taxes he has (or hasn’t) paid. Trump even escaped revealing his wealth and taxes throughout his political campaign and his time as this nation’s President!

We read the news, so Trump is an easy example of privileged wealth. Similarly, many of the most wealthy successfully escape revealing their wealth status. As a result, they get away with less tax burden than their fair shares.

Dear Friends: We’ll pay our taxes, this date will pass, and soon, real spring will arrive. Diana

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