Sunday, April 16, 2023

Locally, the pre-spring weather has been sensational. Shirt-sleeve days outside handling routine chores and cleaning up any overwinter neglect.

I’m in the process of changing my tools. The replacements are battery-operated instead of gas- and electric-powered. I love easy-to-operate battery tools. They work immediately on pushing a starter button, are light in weight, and operate correctly at any distance from a traditional power source.

All this follows my years of being confused by gas engines and string-starters, having to haul too-heavy tools, and being confined to working within lengths of electrical wires. Of course, changeovers are expensive. Something similar that’s being forced on everybody is developing technology that pushes us to anticipate needing battery-operated vehicles.

We’ll likely enjoy battery-operated vehicles as well as small tools. The huge downside, however, will be the disposal of batteries used and/or outdated which is a serious ecological problem. Think of plastic, its convenience and its understood environmental impact. Battery disposals may be a bad-to-worst eventually!

This morning, I happily was spouting the pluses of having battery-operated tools, and just see where that drifted. Oy vey.

Dear Friends: On this early springlike and beautiful day, enjoy being outside. Diana

One thought on “Charged-Up

  1. Funny (?) you came up with this topic now. I love battery operated tools — until they quit. The item of the moment is a very cute handheld can opener.

    It looks like a tiny Orca whale, so of course I loved it ! It was perfectly wonderful. Until it quit working. (The batteries are fine — tested them on the meter, & tried new ones just in case.) It’s not rechargeable. It’s still trying. On close inspection, it looks like the gears are no longer meshing.

    Thanks for this post. After reading it I decided to go on line to kitchen mama to see what could be done. If anything. I had kind of given up & was struggling with my hand cranked can opener again. Cheers! Kate


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