Monday, April 17, 2023

Yesterday, the cutest “Dog in the Aisle” was a cuddly and adorable eight-week-old Golden Retriever.

Early today, I must leave here for a dental appointment. First, I will have to manage my strong, year-old puppy, Chase. His determination has discovered a couple of ways of escaping the fenced dog area.

He’s an eager-goer. The evening before last, he took off, leaving the property and not responding for too long to my calls. Before leaving for HD yesterday, I left him in a large kennel that’s surrounded by a six-foot fence and inescapable. For the first time, he spent a day minus his buddies.

This afternoon I’ll start creating a temporary structure that adds a couple of wire feet over the existing dog-area fence. I’ve done the same to contain another escape artist, Kinny. My efforts then were successful, and luckily I saved many boards that had supported the added fencing.

Dear Friends: Enjoy your dogs and this beautiful day. Diana

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