Catching Up

Tuesday, April 18, 2023

This begins three early days that force me to clock in at work by six a.m. I’ve already shared the challenges of feeding horses at five a.m. before heading to work. My high hope for today is that it’s less windy than in previous days. My job at HD will have me roaming and watering plants in the outside garden area.

I visited a new dentist yesterday morning, and happily, felt comfortable with how he worked with me. Fortunately, he found my teeth in good condition, except for an ancient root canal that’s failing and needs a re-do. For that repair, I’m referred to an endodontic group.

I’m on fire with the medical stuff, catching up. This afternoon, such fun, a mammogram, and in mid-May, an overdue physical.

As a procrastinator, I have set those needs aside for too long. After my primary care doctor retired, I found it nearly impossible to identify an experienced doctor, and importantly, one with enough time to see new patients. This area’s continuously booming population is slamming its medical providers.

I feel good for having worked through the difficulties. Now, with a plan I’m moving forward.

Dear Friends: This moment, too, I need to move forward and leave for work. Diana

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