Where’s Osix?

Thursday, April 20, 2023

Imagine this: I took my dogs to a BLM to run freely without first noticing that one of my dogs was missing. At the BLM, I freed the dogs, and for an instant, it seemed one might be missing. But they were racing around, and some were already out of sight. So I shrugged off the notion of one missing.

We began walking, and for a quarter-mile, all was well. Suddenly, and I can’t say why, it dawned on me that Osix, my Border Collie, wasn’t visible. That’s unusual, for Osix keeps me in her sights, which keeps her in mine. I paused my entourage and stood calling for her. After no response, I thought back and realized that contrary to my usual habit, I’d not counted how many dogs had loaded into my Jeep’s cargo.

Uh, oh, I grasped something awful: Osix was missing.

Where could she be! My mind ran some awful scenarios. Did she, upon being left, try to follow my Jeep? Had she gone running on the busy highway? Could she be…? I couldn’t let myself picture the worst.

Immediately, I directed my dogs back to the Jeep. Fortunately, they loaded in quickly. While driving home, I scanned the roadway and its sides without sighting an injured or dead dog.

Upon arriving home, there was Osix, waiting and happy to see the Jeep. My relief was indescribable.

I’m usually well-organized. That mental blip astonished me. Simply put, my brain played a trick, letting me for an instant notice, but not realize, a dog missing in the mix. I get it, too, for on reflection, my mind was too full of other matters, and I was tired and careless.

Dear Friends: In the future, I’ll count my dogs obsessively. Diana

One thought on “Where’s Osix?

  1. Totally understand. Terrifying. These are strange times we’re living in. Challenges — pressure — too !#%&%#! Grateful for the happy ending ! Kate



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