Friday, April 21, 2023

My year-old puppy, Chase, is an escape artist. He has managed to escape a quarter-acre, fenced area for my dogs. The first time by digging beneath the extra chicken wire laid under strong wire fencing and the second time by climbing over a four-and-one-half foot gate.

Those skills earned him a re-location to my rescue kennel that houses visiting dogs and wandering strays. It’s safe and secure, has housed many dogs, and has been escape-proof. It has a concrete floor surrounded by six-foot-high fencing; inside, its space is ten by twenty feet.

A few days after spending time in the big kennel, Chase escaped it. My housemate, Jan, and I watched in astonishment as he balanced against a corner of fencing, attained firm right and left paw holds, and then climbed straight up and over the six-foot-high fence.

We returned him to the kennel and watched again. This time, he ditched it more quickly and in the same way.

Long story short, into that day’s late afternoon, Jan and I worked to secure in each corner a four-foot-wide sheet of lumber to erase foot-holds. Afterward, we returned Chase to the kennel and watched while he inspected and evaluated the changes. He tested the corners before making a nearly-successful attempt to climb straight up and over the fenced front.

Chase is a challenge. Today, I will strengthen those corner wood slab installations and keep a close eye on the dog. He may accompany me or wait while securely crated inside the house if I must leave home.

Dear Friends: I’ve known many dogs, but none were as strong, determined, and challenging. Diana

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