Game’s On

Sunday, April 23, 2023

Yesterday, I worked all day to get ahead of my puppy, Chase, to keep him confined.

He foiled several of my attempts to block his exits from the dogs’ larger area. He astonishes me with his strength and climbing skills. That puppy found ways to get up and squeeze over the most complicated barriers I could devise. He set me wandering this whole property, opening long neglected sheds, and eying objects creatively to spot potential blocker-aids. Finally, the process is slowing him, but today, he’s clearly aware there’s a weak area and has begun challenging it.

He’s an athlete, and it’s his game. I can’t let him win, and he wears me out.

In the past, I’ve visited shelters and been upset to learn individuals may turn in dogs, claiming they can’t keep the animals confined and/or control their behaviors. However, none of my dogs have been so challenging that I’d consider sending one to a shelter. That’s not saying none have been difficult, as some were, for every living creature has a unique personality.

Chase has challenged me to a new level, but I won’t give up. Offsetting his energy is a personality that couldn’t be sweeter.

He’s a mixed breed, predominately Rottweiller and German Shepard, with the strength, determination, and intelligence of those two breeds (at least, for it’s unknown whatever else might be in him). He could be a great candidate for policing, rescuing, or carrying messages during wartime. His strength and drive seem endless.

His constant escaping needs occasionally have made me consider re-homing or giving him up, but only in my worst moments of struggling to ensure his safety. I will keep trying to control his escaping needs and hanging on while he outgrows his young brain. If, finally, his behaviors don’t change, I’ll do whatever’s needed to counter them.

Dear Friends: This once-itty-pup landed serendipitously in his permanent home. Diana

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