Fences & Plants

Monday, April 24, 2023

Chase is being contained! New obstructive material, stretching over the six-foot fencing, interrupts his climbs and escapes. In another doggie area, a nearly half-acre fenced for them, he escapes from a section with top-rail fencing by climbing up and over until now. An added foot-and-a-half fencing fabric above the top rail can’t support his weight.

After today, my mind can focus on other matters. For one thing, I must prepare to haul my equines over to the west side for routine dentistry after readying my truck and horse trailer. Unfortunately, my escaping dog has captured my attention, delaying the spring start-up activities with the rig and horses.

Also, I’m reading another excellent novel: Lab Girl, published in 2016 by Hope Jahren, an American geochemist, geobiologist, and professor specializing in plant life. Her memoir is well-written and humorous, a first-person description of coming-of-age experiences that moved her toward a deep understanding of plants.

Dear Friends: It’s spring, and now Home Depot will increase my working hours. Diana


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