Tuesday, April 25, 2023

I was working to modify my yard fencing to contain my escape-artist puppy when my neighbor, Frank, texted, sending a photo of a downed section of my horse fencing. Frank kindly reconnected the top rails and reset the section but said my side of the fence needed staples. I hurried to try containing my puppy (oy vey!) before going to pound staples. My examination of the fenceline revealed several loose posts.

In today’s hasty-home-building economy, one challenge is finding repair experts who are reasonably available and trustworthy. Plus, skilled tradespersons are coming and going. One who has worked here once or twice suddenly disappears. Now my part-time work at Home Depot has acquainted me with a contractor who works there part-time.

He explained that this freezing, long winter severely limiting his business had brought him to HD. I contacted him yesterday, and we will meet to review my property concerns. He’s an electrician and could make such repairs. He says his HD co-worker is a capable plumber and is also available. Maybe he knows someone who can repair fencing.

In accepting my part-time job at HD, I was hoping to meet coworkers or customers who could address various property needs. Maybe this co-worker will be that skilled tradesperson.

Dear Friends: Today’s beautiful weather will have the Garden Department very busy. Diana

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