In The Aisles

Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Meet Jake, a six-year-old Belgian Malinois (a Tervuren [long-coated] type). He was perfectly groomed and a great match for photographing at Home Depot among beautiful flowers.

About HD and flowers: Yesterday, the Garden Department received its first huge shipment of flowering plants. Throughout my shift, I removed plastic wrappings from new arrivals, and the fun of that equaled unwrapping Christmas delights. Plus, that day was beautiful, shirtsleeve-warm, drawing many customers. They were delighted to see plants and colors and shared observations with random others.

I couldn’t resist playing around, and as you might guess, later brought home these bright-red Begonias

Next Saturday, my HD manager, Enrique, and his wife, Chrysal, are to remarry, and this time in The Church. Their four-year-old daughter will be their Flower Girl. He’s sending me an invitation, and I’ll be there cheering them.

Dear Friends: Flowers and customers, and finally, our Garden Department coming alive. Diana

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