Challenge Met

Friday, April 28, 2023

Today’s high will be in the eighties! Maybe spring has arrived, but I’m cautious after living for years in Central Oregon. Experience teaches us to anticipate at least one more freeze. So a casual rule is to avoid in-ground planting before mid-May.

I am bringing home plants, setting them outside in the daylight, and moving them inside in the evening. Besides my caution regarding more freezing weather, I’ve been too busy to garden. Recently, all my energies have been dedicated to keeping corralled my puppy, Chase, a talented escape artist.

I added fence fabric in the dogs’ common area to heighten several hundred feet of fencing. The added material sets low and covers the top rail. That’s to hinder Chase from grasping the rail and hauling himself over it to freedom.

Yesterday, I saw him examine closely the fence’s changes and not attempt to escape. So, I decided to leave him in the big yard while I was away at work. It helped to see Chase remain relaxed when my Jeep’s noisy motor started. I’d be away less than four hours and concerned about his safety.

Later, on arriving home, I saw Chase, still fenced and among the other dogs, running to greet me.

Dear Friends: I hope his behavior is the same today, and he’s still fenced on my arrival home. Diana

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