Howdy, Spring

Saturday, April 29., 2023

Yesterday, and another trial of leaving for work with the puppy, Chase, contained in a fenced area with my other dogs. Later, he still was enclosed there when I came home. My efforts to prevent him from escaping appear to be paying off, but regardless, it’s still a worry whether his containment will be lasting, but I am hopeful.

Today, I will turn my attention to tomorrow’s equine dental appointment. I must haul my horses and donkey across town for routine care by a mobile equine dentist. For a stretch of time, Chase kept me preoccupied in trying to prevent his fence-climbing. Those activities interfered with my readying the horse rig for tomorrow’s haul.

It’s been unused during the freezing months. So, I’ll start the truck’s motor, check its tires, fill it with gasoline, and load tomorrow’s necessary equipment. The dentist will sedate the animals for their dental work. While re-awakening, each might need to be blanketed, even in this warm weather. In particular, Pimmy, slower-arousing than a horse, and might need blanketing.

Once they’re all awake enough to step into the trailer and stand, we’ll come home. Tomorrow should take care of the horses’ dental needs until next year, and for Pimmy, another two years.

Dear Friends: Next, I will resume clearing the grounds and preparing spaces for gardening. Diana

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