Sunday, April 30, 2023

Today begins another string of days off from work. However, Home Depot’s Garden Department is booming, and my scheduled hours will increase soon, but not until after this week. This weather is great for being home and working to improve the property and establish a garden.

This spring especially is welcome after the very long and cold winter. Last winter began in early October with a faux draft horse kick, an early surprise of deep freeze and snow. Similar weather continued with little easing until the middle of this month, mere days ago.

Yesterday, a retiree new to Bend entered the Garden Department. I was watering plants when she asked for help locating a product. As we chatted, she described her pony (about the size of my Sunni, pictured above) and that she’s mobile, has a horse trailer. She asked me about this area’s horse community and trails.

Of course, one has no need for wandering imagination to gather the upshot. We have plans to meet with our ponies and ride horseback together.

My equine dental appointment has been reset to the end of next week. That’s a relief on this gorgeous day which offers opportunities more inviting.

Dear Friends: May your day be beautiful, and filled with spring wonders. Diana

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