Rocky Climbs

Monday, May 01, 2023

This May Day begins a new month. This day also represents a bill-pay time for most of us. Although we are coping with a less-than-robust economy, our money obligations don’t change. Ah, May Day, it’s also a signal of calling for help.

Appropriately, too, the Feds are currently attempting differently to manage the larger economy. Nonetheless, a final shape resembles guesswork. The Feds are attempting to avoid repeating this nation’s 2008 economic crash, a painful time that hit everybody hard. It took years to recover from that giant economic failure. Besides being lengthy, recovering was complex and costly.

That period introduced indelible learning. Now, the economy introduces a new “May Day” for big banks failing in the heart of money-land, Silicon Valley. Americans feeling the pinches may give thanks to housing shortages, preventing home equity values from dropping suddenly and significantly. It’s cautious to add, at least, not yet.

Most of us aren’t economists. We roll with the punches and hope for the best.

Deart Friends: Let’s hope younger generations get a handle on managing larger economics. Diana

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