Hopping Into Spring

Tuesday, May 02, 2023

It’s a rainy and chilly day, and perhaps Central Oregon’s “last freeze” before the real spring arrives. Those accustomed to this area know not to plant anything before mid-May. Nonetheless, I might set a bit of Rosemary into my gardening area and, so to speak, “test the waters.” Hoping it’ll survive and thrive.

My Rhubarb plants were coming up nicely before one appeared ravaged. I first thought because of deer, but its damaged leaves didn’t quite look dear-damaged. Then, I remembered seeing young bunnies running on my property this year because my cat, Maxwell, hasn’t been outside. He’s inside because the baby-bunny season is beginning, and Max is an expert hunter.

It appears that new babies are finding my little garden. And like roaming deer, wild bunnies will enjoy Rhubard leaves. I intend to set a little fence around the Rhubard, which will regenerate. The beautiful ornamental plant regrows rapidly. A fence might take care of the bunnies but can’t hold back roaming deer. I’ll address that problem (not sure how) after finding signs of deer chews on my garden plants.

Now, I’ll be off to address today’s needs. Besides taking care of things on the property, I will haul my horse rig over for a tune-up. That’ll ready it for taking my horses across town, next week, to an equine dentist.

Dear Friends: I doubt wild critters will dine on spiky Rosemary, but of course, that’s not guaranteed. Diana

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