Wednesday, May 03, 2023

Business is booming in Home Depot’s Garden Department. A store representative called yesterday wondering if I would work on some off-scheduled days. “Of course,” I said, without hesitating on a non-brainer. The fact is, I’m watering a garden and flowers here at home and might as well be doing the same there and being paid.

The national newspapers address how rising interest rates reduce sales and profits and impact workers. One way companies tighten up against falling profits is by reducing job opportunities. We part-timers at HD faced reduced working hours but weren’t laid off. HD’s business is picking up, and its re-staffing is rapid and smooth.

I have a dental appointment to precede an upcoming root canal appointment. Long ago, I received a root canal that is now beginning to collapse, something I never knew could happen. Apparently, an old canal filling can dissipate over time, making the tooth sensitive to pressure. I assumed a new cavity was behind my growing tooth sensitivity, but no, instead, the canal needs refilling.

There’s always something! And now I must be off to prepare for the dental appointment.

Dear Friends: We can’t escape the larger economic conditions, but understanding helps us cope. Diana

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