Thursday, May 04, 2023

This day is an early-to-work, meaning I will clock in at seven and leave at noon. These hours in the store will be welcome as I need supplies, and being at work makes shopping convenient. Years of never-ending seeking and acquiring teach us to appreciate “convenience.”

Yesterday, I had a dental appointment for a process I always fear, teeth cleaning. I have a new dentist and explained that my receding gums make teeth cleaning painful, especially the “rapid water” method. Hygienists prefer using that fast technique to process more clients.

My dentist listened and arranged for his hygienist to use the instrument-reducing technique. She proved to be kind and capable; the process was painless and felt perfect. She is my go-to in the future. At last, after years of seemingly unavoidable mouth-nerve pain, I won’t dread dental appointments.

It’s five a.m. and a heavy rain is falling. It means a soggy start for me, as soon I will be outside feeding the horses.

Dear Friends: My garden Irises have begun to bloom, and this rain is welcome. Diana

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