Yah Hoo!

Saturday, May 06 2023

It’s early, and I should be preparing for work and to clock in by seven a.m. But instead, I will play hooky, because later this morning my manager, Enrique, is getting married, and I am planning to attend that wedding.

Enrique is a good manager. He’s fun, even loveable, and highly organized after having worked at HD for many years. He and his wife, Krystal, have an adorable four-year-old. She will be their flower girl at this, their second wedding, and this time In The Church.

Enrique and Krystal have large families with relatives arriving from distant places. There will be many witnesses. I told Enrique I’d like to attend and received an official invitation. He said he’d “look in another direction” when I call in sick on his wedding day.

I will use the excuse of a painful “turned ankle.” Years ago, that occurred when I stepped incorrectly off a curb and landed my foot awkwardly. Today’s faux episode won’t be as dramatic, so tomorrow, I “can work” as scheduled.

Working at HD has introduced me to many likable folks. The workplace is fun as well as challenging.

Today, I will witness a marriage. I will wish Enrique, lovely Krystal, and their adorable “flower daughter,” all the best ahead.

Dear Friends: I prefer being truthful, but occasionally a situation calls for fibbing. Diana

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