Enrique’s Wedding

Sunday, May 07, 2023

Yesterday, Enrique, my manager at Home Depot, remarried Krystal. They’ve been married four years but Krystal wanted a remarriage in The Church. Enrique said he’s happy doing as she wishes.

I do love weddings, which have me laughing and crying. I asked for an invitation, and Enrique said yes and came through. Soon as I entered the church lobby, Enrique greeted me and introduced his father, brother, and other family members here for the wedding from Mexico and California. Everybody was friendly and kind.

The wedding ceremony was lovely. I have explained that weddings make me laugh and cry, and this one wasn’t different. What did seem different was that this wedding felt more modern and more sensitive. The priest didn’t waste time quoting scriptures, but instead, spoke about the couple and their individualities which years ago had attracted them to one another.

After the ceremony, Enrique said to me that he and Krystal are exact opposites. He explained that he’s a freewheeling type while she’s detail-oriented. Already, I had gained insight into their type differences when the priest described Enrique’s love for motorcycles and Krysal’s success as a professional accountant.

Their flower girl was the couple’s adorable four-year-old daughter, Bella. With each step down the aisle, Bella reached into the little bucket she carried and pulled out and dropped flower petals in the aisle. Enrique was waiting at the altar as Bella made her way toward him; watching her and smiling from ear to ear.

I didn’t hang around much after the ceremony, because my neighbor, Frank, texted that my escape-artist puppy, Chase, was running loose in the neighborhood. Before I arrived home, Frank had managed to capture Chase and relocate him in my fenced yard. An hour later, Chase again escaped but showed up when I called.

Oh, Chase, how can I stop your escaping!

BTW, an extra note, that I have joined SNAP Fitness. I plan to start working out and hopefully strengthen my upper body.

Dear Friends: That was quite a day, and today after my HD gig, I will try to stop puppy escapes. Diana

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