Monday, May 08, 2023

A few days back, my nutsy puppy escaped an enclosure that seemed inescapable. That wasn’t the first time he proved my presumptions wrong. I couldn’t identify any likely possibility for his exits until my friend, Bill, pointed out that Chase likely squeezed through seemingly too-small openings just under the top of all three gates.

Instantly, my gaze changed, and so did my perception. My brain stopped considering the openings too small by remembering that Chase has proved stubborn and incredibly bold. Suddenly, I thought Bill might be correct.

Yesterday, after work, I unrolled wire, gathered tools, and started covering gate-top spaces. Afterward, Chase was released from a big stand-alone kennel and allowed into the large dog area. Mitzvah was released from the large dog area to become a schill, and we started walking toward the street.

Our departure upset Chase. He attempted escaping, to join us without success. There were various ways in which Mitzvah and I tested the puppy until, gradually, he seemed more accepting and even relaxed.

This morning, I have a dental appointment. While I’m away, Chase will be with his buddies in their large fenced area. On my return, I expect to find him among them. Later in the afternoon, I will visit SNAP Fitness which I’ve joined. I will figure out a workout routine that might strengthen my upper body.

I’ve discovered in my part-time job that I can lift a weight from the ground but am challenged to lift it upward or overhead. This limitation doesn’t surprise me and might be correctable. It’s an awareness that inspires me to start working out.

Even though I might be uncomfortable in a relatively small gym where mostly young, hard bodies work out. I joined SNAP because it’s located on a route with relatively less traffic, easing my travels to and from. I intend to remain focused on my needs without comparing myself to the gym’s younger and stronger members.

Dear Friends: The others working out there might give me a big E for effort. Diana

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