Devil Dog

Tuesday, May 09, 2023

Nobody will be surprised to learn that my 14-month-old puppy, Chase, is escaping. Yes, again, and from the large dog area surrounded by six-foot fencing. I thought every escaping possibility had been addressed, but not so. Each fence fix slowed him, but only slightly, for he won’t give up. Now, Chase has learned to reach and go over the top by climbing a slanted support pole. I watched that happening, and again, his bold determination astonished me.

So far, while loose, he’s stayed nearby and responded to my calls. However, his territory will enlarge as he grows accustomed to roaming. I’m challenged to keep him away from a nearby road’s busy traffic and to prevent him from disturbing folks walking past my place, alone or with a leashed dog.

Until I can make another fix to the larger dog-area fence, Chase will be confined in a 10×20 dog pen surrounded by six-foot fencing. He’s already proved he can climb its fence and vault to freedom. I’ve made fixes to stop escapes, and so far, so good. It worries me, however, that he still explores to escape this run.

It’s just who he is. There’s no predicting how his obsessive nature may play out. Primarily, he’s a Rottweiler and German Shepherd mix, and there’s other stuff thrown in, too. Aside from his passion for escaping, he’s a sweet-tempered, enjoyable pup.

This morning, sunny and inviting, ignores predictions of more rain. The Home Depot’s Garden Department will be busy with most plants watered by yesterday’s rain. At home, I am eager to plant, and finally, now seems the right time.

Dear Friends: My gardening must wait until I can put a brake on slanted pole climbing. Diana

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