Friday, May 12, 2023

I sensed that I’d catch a cold by discontinuing mask-wearing while in public, and yep, I did soon. The thing is that often I’m outside working in the Garden Department. On sunny days, a mask creates warmth and feels almost unbearable. Soon after I quit wearing one, there came a cold. Now, I’m a little less debilitated and rethinking my decision not to wear masks.

Many people are continuing to wear masks in public. I applaud them. I’m a cancer patient in remission who has undergone chemotherapy, a process that compromises an immune system. Throughout the pandemic years, I faithfully wore masks, but twice recently, after discarding them, I caught a cold.

This time I’m wrestling again about whether to tolerate heat or face infections. My decision, again, is to wear masks. I’ll remove them periodically to cool off. Sure, wearing a mask may be cumbersome, but way better than being forced to process debilitating colds.

Tomorrow afternoon, my equines have appointments for routine dentistry. An equine dentist who arrives periodically from Burns will be treating patients at a local horse ranch. My horse rig has been tuned-up and is ready to roll. Tomorrow morning, I’ll have an early challenge of brushing the muddy animals shedding in patches after this long winter.

Dear Friends: Next will start riding horseback again, and it’s about time! Diana

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