Fence Woes

Saturday, May 13, 2023

A sleepless night with worries about my young dog’s frequent escapes and trying to figure out how to keep him confined. Around midnight, I began searching YouTube for videos to discover useful tips. However, those fixers were doing much similar to what I’ve created. Now, I need to do more.

Finally, I did manage to block completely the corner of fencing where the dog was escaping. Observing his frustrated efforts to go over the fence was a relief. Shortly after I turned away, I saw him running loose and toward me! I returned him to the yard and watched him dash to a new spot, leap repeatedly, and finally grasp the top post. He leaped to freedom and came running to me.

His new escape spot looks as challenging as blocking his former corner.

What I must do is transform a six-foot-high fence into an eight-footer. That will mean extending the fenceline supports and adding top fabric. In key places, I will have to install spinning bars to reject grasps.

This puppy’s strength, courage, and boldness have astonished me. Equally so have been accumulated materials, tools, and time spent to dim his determination. All my efforts have barely scratched the surface.

I also have a stand-alone kennel that, so far, still confines him. I leave him in there when I’m away but I prefer him with my other dogs in their large fenced area.

At this point, my options are: (1 [best]) adjust the large-area fence, make it completely inescapable; (2 [okay]) keep kenneling him apart from his buddies in the separated enclosure; or (3 [seemingly impossible]) take steps to rehome him.

It’s a tough situation. I must be able to keep this dog safe. He’s been with me since he was eight weeks old and hasn’t an unknown past with incidents that cause him to challenge fences. He’s never been mistreated nor even punished for escaping, as I want him to stay nearby and come to find me.

Dear Friends: Anyway, today is a dental day for my equines, which postpones puppy stuff. Diana

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