Mother’s Day

Sunday, May 15, 2023

My “girls” had their dental needs met yesterday by Jessica Hendrick, an equine dentistry expert based in Burns who travels to Bend.

My housemate, Jan, and I hauled the horses to Tumalo and the Silver View Equestrian Center, a gorgeous modern facility with many inside stalls and also inside arenas. Its owner, Rebecca Parks, drives ponies and minis and is a serious competitor.

Assisting Jessica was my long-time friend, Noell Devenny. Noell breeds beautiful Foundation Appaloosas and often advises me regarding horse-related needs.

My three horses each were scheduled for an hour. Jan and I hung out with Rebecca, talking, and watching Jessica and Noell work. Before long, I suddenly felt very much at home, again, by being among others in “a horse world” and talking about horses, sharing our experiences. I had been away for too long, and those few hours felt lovely.

Back home, Jan and I scurried to clean up after the horses. Each had been partially sedated during dentistry, and the trailer floor was a mess. Floor mats needed pulling and supporting wood thoroughly hosed. Then, we faced even more work. That morning, I hurriedly had given each animal a big-time spring cleaning. Now, Jan and I cleared the barn floor from what seemed tons of discarded mane, tail hair, and shredded winter fur. I felt thankful for her help.

Today, I’m meeting Julie Gilbert for lunch. We’re packing our lunches and chairs to an outdoor area where there’s active water and many trees. We are not bringing our dogs and will hang out, having reserved this as an outing just for us. It’s a catch-up time. Periodically, we pause and share our experiences and thoughts. Each of us has evolved from different backgrounds and life experiences, and yet have shared passions, for books, ideas, relationships, and (also high on our list) horses.

Dear Friends: Happy Mother’s Day, regardless of whether your kids sport two legs or more. Diana

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