Just say, Cheese

Monday, May 15, 2023

Yesterday, my friend Julie Gilbert and I met for lunch. We parked some lightweight chairs under a giant Ponderosa and sat watching a busy canal’s water ripple by. The relaxed setting had us slowing down to talk and catch up with one another.

BTW, our entrees yesterday were grilled cheese sandwiches stuffed with dill pickles. In the old days, drug store lunch counters typically served those sandwiches with dill pickles. Those pair well, and we two chomped agreeably.

Julie and I have separate lives and activities. What brings and has kept us close is our shared deep appreciation of serious literature, accompanied by thoughtful reflections. We also enjoy horses and periodically get together to catch up.

Yesterday’s setting was perfect for relaxing. Today, I might repeat by taking the dogs, and a lightweight chair with munchies, to an active irrigation canal. I visualize myself there, lulled by passing water with my dogs running and playing nearby. I could take a notebook and jot impressions; something interesting might evolve. The more I consider doing this, the “going for it” feels good.

Dear Friends: It’s inspiring that even brief routine breaks may create fresh ideas. Diana

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