Good Morning

Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Oh, what a beautiful morning!

This is the last in my string of days off from work. I’ve mostly spent them reworking a fence to keep my escape puppy contained. I must go out for more fencing material and a roll of tying wire, and today should finish the job, or anyway, this phase. He’ll search for a way to get out. If successful, he’ll bounce my efforts back to square one. Already, I’ve had enough!

Last night, I was sleepless with a mind filled with ridiculous worries. The worst was whether or not I had turned off a water pump after filling the horse trough. That’s where I focused trying to recall the act of putting my hand on the pump lever and lowering it to close. I couldn’t remember and worried, until finally, at 2 a.m., after waking my Border Collie and grabbing a flashlight, we headed outside to that trough.

The horses were awake and welcoming, but I was on a mission. “Sorry, girls, no breakfast right now.”

I found the trough quiet and no water running. The pump handle was properly off. I said goodby to the horses.

My dog and I headed back to the house. Finally, I manged to fall asleep.

Dear Friends: Midnight games can play in ones head and create too much noise. Diana

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