Too Early

Thursday, May 18, 2023

Whew, it’s warm! Yesterday, I worked wearing shorts and a tee shirt and drank lots of water. Today, I must arrive at work by six a.m., my least favorite schedule; but getting off at 11 a.m. will ease the early starting time.

This morning, also, I will pack eggs for coworkers, a task I should have handled last night, but I was exhausted and couldn’t “do eggs” after working all afternoon to barricade my escapee dog. Later today, I’ll return to that fence project.

For the rest of this month, and likely, throughout summer, as a designated watering person, I’m scheduled in early on workdays. So, instead of complaining about early clock-ins, I should arrange my brain to just show up on time and start watering vegetable starts. Veggies are fragile in small pots that tend to dry out quickly. After the veggies, I’ll water other small-pot plants for the same reason.

Actually, watering isn’t a bad job. I stay busy, time passes quickly, and customers tap me for assistance. The worst part of my job is having to go to work so early. The horses love me being out and feeding them at five a.m. As for my dogs, they’re in the house until after seven a.m. when my housemate feeds and lets them out. Then, their morning noises (like howling with fire engines) may least offend neighbors.

Anyway, now on this early morning, it’s off to chores for me.

Dear Friends: Have a lovely day! Diana

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