Thirteen-year-old “Wellsummer” enjoying the spring grass

Friday, May 19, 2023

Today, I’ll be off work to keep a first appointment with my new healthcare provider. Last year, my long-time primary care doctor retired; it’s been challenging to find another associated with cancer care, accepting new patients. This small city is experiencing huge population inflows that keep all its docs busy.

The header photo shows my elderly healthy hen in a cage, outside on new grass. She’s in Chicken Heaven. She’s digging, eating greenery, scratching for bugs, and basking in the sun. All this after a winter inside as a house pet. My Wellsummer is an amazing bird, healthy, alert, and way older than most retired chickens.

Today will test my puppy, Chase, against my newly modified fencing. If he can’t/doesn’t escape, that will make adapting worth all the effort. Heightening the fence has been expensive, time-consuming, and energy-sucking. Now, please, Chase, stay inside!

I don’t want to consider what’s next if he continues leaping to freedom. More fence changes will require an effort akin to starting over.

Dear Friends: Let’s be like Wellsummer, outside and enjoying this beautiful day. Diana

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