Slow Going

Saturday, May 20, 2023

Yesterday, I visited an oncology provider at St. Charles. She was new to me, very bright and competent, and she will oversee my cancer-related needs. I was sorry to learn she can’t be my primary care provider. She did, however, provide leads toward finding a qualified physician able to accept new patients. She ordered a complete blood panel, which was overdue and drawn following our visit.

So, that completed an important element in my health journey, after my two key doctors retired or moved away. Fortunately, my Medicare coverage is a type that allows for self-referrals to care, which is how I achieved yesterday’s oncology visit. I don’t know how someone, lacking a provider, makes appointments with a Medicare plan requiring physician referrals. My point is that, in this booming economy, finding available healthcare providers is a tough job.

After the medical visit, I arrived home and found my puppy still in the dogs’ fenced area. Later, I had to leave for another hour, and again he didn’t escape. Maybe all those blood, sweat, and tears solved the problem; or, maybe he didn’t feel motivated enough to leap for freedom. Soon I’ll know for certain what’s doing.

Dear Friends: Off now, in this early morning, to water plants. Diana

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