Doggone, or Not

Sunday, May 21, 2023

Today’s the big test day. My puppy, Chase, will be left in the yard’s fenced area while I’m away at work. My housemate and I have worked our fingers to the bone, exhausting ourselves, to make the fence escape-proof. In the last few days, Chase has stayed in that area while I’ve been away for an hour or so. While there, hopefully, he won’t feel motivated enough to try escaping today. Regardless of the fence modifications, he might succeed because he’s athletic, stubborn, and smart.

Nonetheless, it’s time to trust him. This won’t be a one-day experiment but the start of an ongoing experiment. If Chase isn’t motivated enough to escape today, that won’t guarantee zero future attempts.

Oh, dear, what’s to do? Should he continue being left separately from his dog buddies in a standalone kennel? And, if so, how long will “separately” be enough? Is his escape focus a “puppy thing” or inherent in his nature?

While writing this and considering the odds for Chase’s welfare if he should escape, I’ve changed my mind. He won’t stay in the larger fenced area while I’m away. Instead, he’ll be in the stand-alone until my return and then will join the other dogs.

By continuing to watch his behavior and his attitude changes I’ll gain insight into his escaping needs. Later, I can revisit where best to leave him without oversight. The bottom line is to ensure Chase’s safety.

Dear Friends: Whew! Got that thought through. Diana

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