Selling It

(Photo Credit, Antonio Diaz)

Monday, May 22, 2023

My role at Home Depot is about to change. Yesterday, I told the HR manager that I don’t enjoy watering plants throughout my days at work. I said that instead, I could help the organization more in a sales role. She was supportive and decided I would fit perfectly in the Tool Department, which needs salespeople. Later this week, I will transition there.

If I had voiced my druthers, I would have elected Tools, a high-grossing department that could be higher grossing. I’ll be unleashed in it, having fun doing my thing and assisting customers. Another reason to opt for that department is to learn more about the huge range of tools, how they’re used, and the strength needed to handle them. Women do-it-yourselfers need many details to assess their ability to tackle projects independently.

So, six months into working at Home Depot, this is an opportunity to fulfill my hopes for being in Sales and Tools. Ha, goodbye to watering!

I will miss working with Enrique, the Garden Department’s Manager. He’s too nice, and his long-time employees make it tough for newbies wanting to learn and evolve. I don’t expect the Tool Department’s long-time employees to be much different, but I will hold my own as an effective seller.

Dear Friends: I’m circling back to a career path from years ago associated with sales. Diana

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