Ranger, in his most active days!

Tuesday, May 23, 2023

My 14-month-old puppy, Chase, is about the same size as my most elderly dog, Ranger, a hound-mix. Ranger is thirteen and somewhat arthritic. These two have lived together since Chase was eight weeks old. As Chase has grown, he occasionally has tampered with Ranger’s weaknesses. Yesterday, out of what seemed the clear blue, Chase attacked the elderly dog viciously. My housemate, closest to them, struggled mightily to pull Chase off. To the pup’s credit, he didn’t directly battle her, but earned another check mark, this one huge, against living in this household.

Around midnight, I allowed the dogs outside briefly, with Chase out separately. Before letting Chase inside, I set up a baby gate that would separate Ranger. Immediately inside again, Chase approached the gate and Ranger with hackles up. I deeply understand Chase’s one-track mind, and knowing he might knock away the gate, ordered him into a crate.

Here’s the upshot: My young male dog is loyal and people-friendly; he’s also capable of escaping almost any fenced area and of relentlessly attacking a long-time, older. weaker male companion. Finally, I must face that Chase’s inherited Rottweiler/Shepherd genes include some highly admirable and, for me, too challenging to live with.

For the time being, as I weigh whether to keep Chase, he’ll be separated from the pack and in the stand-alone kennel that he’s not escaped so far.

Dear Friends: I’m devasted that this cute puppy’s evolving story is discounting trust and happiness. Diana

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