I’m late, I’m late

Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Can’t believe this morning that I forgot to write a blog. Well, half-forgot, just enough to fall out of the routine. Actually, I awoke early and got busy “doing.” Fed the horses right away, and afterward in my garden, watered and planted, and was walking Peaches when the “missing blog” hit me.

I know everybody’s tired of reading about Chase, but to extend the possibilities, I am working with him. He’s separated from his buddies and going with me whenever possible. Yesterday, I took him to a BLM with a canal, which that big time swimmer loves. His first time out and roaming free as a single with me, he started exploring with caution, his hackles up and avoiding the water. After a quarter mile, he appeared relaxed, and even began having fun. Eventually, he took the plunge and swam in the water’s flow. Then he started playing. The thing is, he never got out of my sight, stayed right with me through about a mile and a half hike.

At one point, a jogger coming toward us put the dog into a protective mode, but he did listen when I stopped his tendency toward aggressiveness. This one person dog may become very protective, which I like and don’t like. Certainly, I’ll sleep well through nighttimes, knowing he’s on alert; but in general, he must accept the presence of others.

Today, he’s wearing an e-collar, to reinforce exciting occasions that require leaving “things” alone. Like this morning. I was feeding the horses while Chase was trying to play with them. He ignored my “No’s,” and so, immediately became kenneled. I am anticipating the collar will help make him respond to “No.”

So, with this, we get the drift and enough about Chase. I’ll let my attention go elsewhere. Tomorrow’s my last day in HD’s Garden Department; on Friday, I’ll report to Tools and Hardware.

Dear Friends: This loving mutt might not find another good home; so, I’ll keep trying. Diana

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