Hunt-A-Color Game


Wednesday, April 01, 2020

Yesterday, I assigned myself a challenge by looking out a kitchen window to spot the first color that might appear in that gray-drab, rainy/snowy morning. There showed one color, the red bottom of an empty hummingbird feeder. Thus, red became the color I self-tasked to look for while outside working around the large animals, or perhaps walking through the neighborhood. I would count the appearances of red, giving my eyes and brain a job, a distraction from “coronavirus ongoing-ness”.

Prior to going outside early to feed horses, my sleepy head tried unsuccessfully to imagine where to find reds, and I couldn’t think of any. Nonetheless, the game’s rules stuck me with reds and counting them. Outside in the drizzle and light snow everything resembled the colors of the gravel on which I trod downhill toward the barn.

Woops! A red-sighting!

That cone kicked awake my mind and imagination, and shortly appeared more red.

(As a note, I tried to focus on pure reds, but age-fading and such are excuses if some objects appear somewhat on the orangey side.)

I include the following photos, one a warning-bright and the other my headless jockey with donkey, so you’ll see my wonderfully clean property after many backbreaking days of limbing trees.

And, finally…

Dear Friends: Colors are all around and everywhere, if we keep open minds & eyes. Diana

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