Unlocking Isolation

Handmade primitive

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

CV Day 27

I’ve been searching for enlightenment about what’s being called a “Maker’s Economy”. This refers to the kinds of indoors activities we’re into while semi-isolated. Maybe we love doing things, like knitting, needlepoint, machine sewing, and painting on rocks. They’re projects we work on while home and mostly inside. Nice outcomes make us wonder if there could be a market for our products. Actually, pathways are springing up. Amazon has many listings under “Handmade”, and also online, a “Rising Tide Association” promotes a Maker’s Economy.

We love that fantasy world of profit from our ideas and energy, and it’s nice to purchase things handmade and beautiful. The only way my brain can get slightly on board with the notion of becoming commercial from home would mean purchasing a 3D printer. I know zero about those printers, but their capabilities and an operator’s creative brain may conjure ideas for useful products.

Keeping to what’s simple, yesterday evening I read a blog where the writer described having started a “glad jar”. Into it during the day, one slips handwritten notes as reminders of occurrences that cause glad feelings. That idea encouraged me to think back and search for yesterday’s moments of gladness. All day I’d been task-oriented, glad enough but not happy-glad. Suddenly, I flashed on something that had been unexpected, that made me very glad. My neighbor texted about going shopping in the morning and wondered if I needed things. As one among the more vulnerable-to-coronavirus, I felt relieved and very glad while texting my list of needs. With thanks, again, to my thoughtful kind neighbor.

Thanks also to the blogger for that idea of starting a Glad Jar. I’ll hope that daily it’ll collect several notes. Actually, the jar will serve multiple purposes, by (1) focusing attention on “a glad”, (2) recording the nicest moments, and (3) encouraging day-end reflections on all the best stuff.

Dear Friends: Collaborating in these “insider days” is a grace that encourages gladness. Diana

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