First Snow

Barn-hiding junipers

Saturday, November 07, 2020

Snow began just as I arrived home and was preparing to go to the barn and feed horses. Wouldn’t you know, while I searched for snow pants the mixed rain and snow turned serious. In it, I trudged downhill to the barn, my new jacket getting wet and water seeping through the hat on my head. Awaiting my arrival was Rosie, insistently pawing at the gate and trumpeting her right to be with hay in a stall.

Thus, our Central Oregon winter has arrived.

Today doesn’t look awful with snow having accumulated only about a half-inch. It’ll quickly melt off. For a short time that’ll be all, but years of experience teaches we’ll have a larger snowfall nearer Thanksgiving. After that, my horses will be allowed to enjoy the daylight hours grazing on a neighbor’s pasture (grass that has frozen won’t increase a horse’s weight).

My youngest dog is about to turn eight or nine, I forget which, but all are growing old. One dog is arthritic, another has a sprained back. On very cold days when I’m away at work all four will stay inside.

My new at-work position as supervisor may require increased days and hours away from home. I feel up to the challenge, because our weather won’t much invite horseback riding. Anyway, on most winter days, my horses happily will be out grazing.

In this changing weather, my weighted blanket feels pleasant and comfortable. Its weight captures and holds heat, creates a sleeping-spot that’s cozy, den-like, and maybe slightly primitive.

Dear Friends: Less troublesome and expensive warm-weather areas aren’t as fun. Diana

2 thoughts on “First Snow

  1. I agree, cold, snowy winter weather is its own pleasure and I thoroughly enjoyed the past 4 winters in Minnesota, even (especially??) as we all complained of 10” of snow mid-April 😂

    Now we’re back in western Oregon and I will miss it for sure, as will our kids! We’ll have to head up the passes for winter play this year.

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